Hard Drive Destruction Services

hard-drive-destructionMost organizations in North Carolina use computers to operate, produce, and maintain the majority of their business. With technology advancing at a rapid pace, there tends to be a high turnover rate on computers, simply because nobody wants fall behind when it comes to technology trends. Many businesses are aware that upgrading to new computers will require them to dispose of their old computer parts. The main concern is that they must be disposed of in a secure and environmentally safe method. Surprisingly, there are still organizations that are unaware of secure disposal and the importance of it when it comes to your hard drives and other electronic media.

Contrary to what many believe, simply erasing or “degaussing” a hard drive does provide adequate means of removal and data could still be accessed by a skilled hacker. Consider the hundreds of thousands of files found on one single hard drive; this could be extremely risky business should your critical data be exposed to the wrong person. Phone numbers, addresses, financial details, credit card information, marketing plans and a lot more could be shared. Secure, hard drive destruction is the only method of data removal that is 100% guaranteed. It’s truly a vital aspect of your internal information management process.

At Archive Information Management, we understand the critical need for not only document destruction services, but also an effective means of electronic media destruction. Allow us to protect your interests through destruction solutions that are entirely safe and reliable. When you partner with our team, you’ll benefit from media destruction services that keep your business compliant, and safe from legal risks associated with identity theft and data breach. Ensuring that old hard drives and other electronic media is collected for destruction, contributes greatly to secure, information management in the workplace.

Archive Information Management’s Hard Drive Destruction process visibly inflicts irreparable damage to any hard drive leaving data totally unobtainable. Our hard drive destruction process is certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), and we’re more than happy to provide our customers with visible evidence that your information has been destroyed.

Archive Information Management will not only securely destroy your hard drives and/or other media, but will properly dispose of it as well. Improper disposal has negative effects on both the environment and your company’s reputation as well. We follow proper disposal practices by working with qualified and respected recycling companies that adhere to the highest guidelines and standards for proper disposal of your electronic media. This assures all hazardous material stays out of our landfills.