AIM protects paper and electronic documents, microfilm, video/audio tape, blueprints, microfiche and other media while strictly complying with federal and state laws, HIPPA regulations and professional ethics. Our highly secure storage facility has no windows, and has doors that remain locked at all times with access granted only by an authorized AIM employee. Cameras cover the entire facility inside and out. AIM provides multiple safeguards to protect our customers’ privacy and security, all from a customer service focused philosophy.

Key features

  • No one is allowed inside AIM unaccompanied at any time
  • All overhead doors remain locked except when loading and unloading (during loading and unloading, an authorized AIM employee is present at all times)
  • Visitor sign-in required at main office and sign-in sheets are kept for a year
  • Visitors must leave phones and cameras with AIM receptionist
  • Chain-link fence and razor wire around entire facility
  • Access to facility via electronic gates only
  • Exterior lighting dusk until dawn
  • Infra-red night vision cameras inside and outside facility
  • Round-the-clock alarm monitoring and sprinkler system